Introducing TitaniumCore2

After almost nine months of complete silence we are proud to present the reason for our disappearance. Its called TitaniumCore2 and it has been designed to identify, verify and unpack any binary content it is served. Built on top of years of experience with file analysis and reverse engineering TitaniumCore2 is the next stepping stone in the struggle to classify every bit that flies trough the inter-tubes of internet. TitaniumCore2 is a unique multithreaded file analysis platform that performs file identification, unpacking, steganography detection and damaged file recovery.

It supports all file types including disk images, archives, documents and packed portable executable files. TitaniumCore has been built on top of the upcomming generation of ReversingLabs open source solutions including TitanEngine 3.0, NyxEngine 2.0 and TitanMist 2.0. This video is a small insight to TitaniumCore2 capabilities.



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