Unpacking archives with TitanEngine

TitanEngine is primarily envisioned as a portable executable file format unpacker and handling framework. However due to its static unpacking functions it can be used to unpack other file format types such as installers and archives. That is why today we are showing the utilization of the new static unpacking functions that will be available with the next update. We are discussing the upcoming features which is something we generally like to avoid but it is for a good reason.

It is only because of the unveiling of the new SDK we have secretly been working on during these last few months that we are even touching the archive unpacking subject. What is it and what does it do will be talked about on BlackHat Europe next week. Until then we will tickle your imagination with an unusual blog about unpacking archives with TitanEngine.

Format we have selected is a simple a Debian archive file format called Deb. Debian packages (DEB files) are standard Unix ar archives that include two gzipped, bzipped or lzmaed tar archives: one that holds the control information and another that contains the data. These two files present in the archive are not compressed but instead they are just stored inside the binary package. Each stored item has its own header, which is defined like this:

typedef struct DEB_HEADER{ char FileName[16]; char FileTime[12]; char Reserved0[6]; char Reserved1[6]; char Mode[8]; char ItemSize[10]; char TerminateQuote; char TerminateNewLine; }DEB_HEADER, *PDEB_HEADER;

Preceding the first header which is used to describe the archive is the magic string "!<arch>\n" which is used to identify the binary package type. Therefore unpacking the DEB archive format is essentially reading the archive header and copying the binary content that follows it to the selected folder. Header for each binary content contains the file name and time information which can be used during the unpacking process to restore the packed item to its pre-packing state. Because this file format doesn't employ any compression by itself unpacking the DEB format only refers to extraction of the stored binary content. That content is additionally packed but with a different file format which commonly uses compression to reduce the size of the packed file on disk.

This is just one of the many uses for TitanEngine outside the area of unpacking and processing portable executable file format. As we have seen unpacking archives with TitanEngine is quite possible as long as there is no compression or content decompression is supported by the engine. Keep an eye out for our blog next week when we unveil our super secret project. Until then...

DEB unpacker
(package contains source code, binary unpacker and a sample archive)

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