Titanium Core Enterprise Platform

File Analysis Platform

Key Features

  • 1

    Leveraging two core ReversingLabs technologies, TitaniumCore engine and TitaniumCloud File Reputation Service, TCEP provides the fastest, most-advanced file analysis platform

  • 2

    Optional integration with the T1000-XG file reputation database provides file threat reputation and intelligence data for on-premises implementations

  • 3

    Detailed threat reputation reports and a wealth of meta-data are extracted in XML and STIX formats for subsequent use and analysis by SOC/CIRTs in their inspection of enterprise archives

  • 4

    Advanced modules include RHA Code Functional Similarity Analysis, Static Behavior Analysis, Malformation Classification as well as TitaniumCloud and T1000 Analysis


The TitaniumCore Enterprise Platform (TCEP) is the fastest and the most advanced file analysis platform. It leverages the benefits of the ReversingLabs TitaniumCore engine with advanced file classification methods that include the ReversingLabs Hashing Algorithm (RHA), complex malformation rules and integrated TitaniumCloud file threat reputation data available via the optional T1000-XG file reputation database appliance. In addition, it produces validly decomposed files that TCEP recursively analyzes and can be executed via dynamic analysis. Detailed threat reputation reports and a wealth of meta-data are extracted for subsequent use and analysis. Analysis results are available in JSON, XML and STIX formats.

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