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The Software Supply Chain Security Platform

for Dev and SOC Teams

Delivering visibility into software supply chain risks, starting with the most comprehensive SBOM.

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Reduce Software Supply Chain Risk End-to-End

Protect your software supply chain end-to-end. Devs can ensure that open-source components, CI/CD workflows, and release pipelines are safe. Plus, the SOC gets greater visibility of the entire build process, bolstering your organization's last line of defense.

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Comprehensive SBOM. Complete Visibility. Confident Release

Empower dev and app sec teams with the industry-leading SBOM that delivers a full and accurate software picture through dependency, malicious behavior and tampering visibility, that accelerates confident release and compliance, while giving the SOC deep software threat intelligence to isolate and respond.

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Optimize Your Dev & SOC Tech Investments

Up your acceptance testing game by complementing your SAST, DAST and SCA solutions with the ability to identify malicious and unauthorized changes to software, while powering SOC AV, EDR and Sandbox solutions with the ability to scan larger software executables and not miss a hidden threat.

Reduce Attack Surface Risk

Unrivaled Intelligence and Analysis at Speed

Titanium Platform

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Easy integrations and seamless automation

Easy Integrations and Seamless Automation Across Your SOC and DevSecOps Stacks

ReversingLabs' flexible APIs can be used to seamlessly integrate file and binary analysis into your in-house SOC and DevSecOps workflow platforms—or take advantage of integrations across the top SOC and CI/CD platforms. Our integrations bring highly relevant file and binary intelligence that enhances correlation and visibility of malware, software tampering, exposed secrets and more. Integrations enable your teams to quickly find, analyze, respond to and remediate issues discovered by the ReversingLabs Titanium Platform.

The Evolution of Application Security

Special Report

The Evolution of Application Security

Learn about SCA tools, how app sec is evolving to tackle supply chain security — and download Forrester's Software Composition Analysis Landscape, Q1 2023.

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Get insights from top subject matter experts

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ReversingGlass: Key Concepts in App Sec and Supply Chain Security Explained

Keep learning about app sec and software supply chain security in glassboard conversations with ReversingLabs' Matt Rose.

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ConversingLabs: Conversations About Threat Hunting and Supply Chain Security

Join ReversingLabs' Paul Roberts as he hosts the best minds in threat hunting and intelligence, software supply chain security — and beyond.
Webinar with Derek Fisher

Webinars: Software Supply Chain Security Attacks, Malware, More

Join the conversation with top subject matter experts and analysts on a range of topic relevant to software supply chain security and threat hunting teams.