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ReversingLabs and Synopsys Addressing Software Supply Chain Risk Together


Synopsys Black Duck SCA revolutionized the management of security, quality, and license compliance risks in open source code applications and containers. Now, ReversingLabs is helping address the rest of the software supply chain with malware analysis and tampering detection.

Together, ReversingLabs (RL) and Synopsys are the modern solutions enabling enterprises to address the complete software supply chain and address this growing attack surface.

ReversingLabs Software Supply Chain Security and Synopsys Black Duck SCA


ReversingLabs and Synopsys empower application security teams by adding malware and malicious code detection on top of comprehensive SBOM generation. Together, the two solutions quickly address evolving supply chain threats while also helping to keep abreast of changing regulatory and compliance demands.



Together, we can produce accurate and complete SBOMs that include all sources of software in the supply chain.

Jason Schmitt  |  General Manager, Synopsys Software Integrity Group

How RL Delivers an Accurate and Complete SBOM


Deep Binary Scanning

The ReversingLabs Deep Binary analysis enables enterprises with in-depth visibility into software executables, allowing them to understand their software’s dependencies by unpacking, deobfuscating, and identifying over 4800 file types. It also identifies active threats such as malware and tampering and high-risk exposures.

Detect and Remediate Vulnerabilities

Detect Malware and Remediate Vulnerabilities

Highlight vulnerable components compromised by malware abuse, exploitation, and government mandates, use custom policies to decide what to scan for, and receive alerts that are ranked by severity with recommended steps for remediation, promoting efficient and targeted responses.

Third Party Commercial Software

Third Party Commercial Software

Observe suspicious behaviors, tampering, and malware that is embedded in third party software or updates, before they are purchased, accepted, or deployed by analyzing changes and who made them and scanning for threats to verify the integrity of third party product releases.

Scalable Software Package Scanning

Scalable Software Package Scanning

Unpack and analyze binaries of +10GB across 400+ file formats for a detailed review of large, complex, and unique components that are open source, created by software providers, and used by consumers.

Differential Analysis

Differential Analysis

Observe how software evolves across different versions to report changes in risks, behaviors, and integrity. This validates that remediations were implemented, no new risks are introduced between builds, and tampering is detected.

With Synopsys, our combined efforts will not only ensure regulatory needs are met but truly enable developers and security managers to avoid software threats and prioritize and action software risks and quality issues.

Mario Vuksan  |  ReversingLabs CEO