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BSides Buffalo June 3, 2023 | Buffalo, NY

BSides Buffalo is a day long conference to enjoy, learn from, and celebrate the Western New York information security community.

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Bsides Buffalo, NY



Red teaming a country: Lessons learned from Sakura Samurai's Indian government hack investigation

John Jackson and his Sakura Samurai crew took India up on an invitation to test the security of government websites and apps. Learn about the lessons learned in this ConversingLabs podcast.
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Who is ReversingLabs?

Field CISO Matt Rose recalls the company’s history, dating back to 2009, which began with ReversingLabs hosting the world’s largest reputational database for malware. He then details ReversingLabs’ growth into a leading provider of software supply chain security.
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Threat Research


RATs found hiding in the npm attic

ReversingLabs researchers discovered two malicious packages that contained TurkoRat, an open source infostealer that lurked on npm for two months before being detected. Learn more in this full threat research report. 

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ReversingLabs Threat Intelligence for Microsoft Sentinel

Modern SOC teams require agility and accuracy to detect and respond to threats. Learn about how ReversingLabs enhances Microsoft Sentinel — and start a free trial.

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The Evolution of Application Security

Learn about SCA tools, how app sec is evolving to tackle supply chain security — and download Forrester's Software Composition Analysis Landscape, Q1 2023.

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Secrets Exposed: A Modern Guide for Securing Software Secrets

CircleCI and other breaches brought the issue of development secrets security to the fore. Learn about how and why secrets are exposed in development, best practices for securing secrets in your code, and more.

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The State of Software Supply Chain Security Social_1X

The State of Software Supply Chain Security 2022-23

Understand the major trends from 2022 — and what lies ahead in 2023. Download our full report, or learn more in our special report package.

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Panel Discussion

Webinar: The State of Software Supply Chain Security 2022-23

Webinar: The State of Software Supply Chain Security 2022-23

Learn what’s needed to ensure the integrity of software delivery, the role of SBOMs in securing the supply chain, the latest federal requirements regarding securing the software supply chain, and the essential elements of an SBOM in this discussion.

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