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ConversingLabs: Conversations About Threat Hunting and Software Supply Chain Security

ReversingLabs' Paul Roberts hosts the best minds in threat hunting and intelligence, software supply chain security — and beyond.

Paul Roberts ReversingLabs

Cyber Content Lead at ReversingLabs. Paul is a reporter, editor and industry analyst with 20 years’ experience covering the cyber security space. He is the founder and editor in chief at The Security Ledger, a cybersecurity news website. His writing about cyber security has appeared in publications including Forbes, The Christian Science Monitor, MIT Technology Review, The Economist Intelligence Unit, CIO Magazine, ZDNet and Fortune Small Business. He has appeared on NPR’s Marketplace Tech Report, KPCC AirTalk, Fox News Tech Take, Al Jazeera and The Oprah Show. You can find Paul online on Twitter (@paulfroberts and on LinkedIn).

Season 5, EP 4

Apple Devices as a Growing Attack Vector

In this ConversingLabs episode, host Paul Roberts speaks with Devin Byrd, Director of Threat Intelligence at Kandji. Byrd explains how Kandji has grown into a major security provider for macOS users, and how the attack vector for macOS and iOS users has increased in recent years. 

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Season 5, EP 3

The Art of Security Chaos Engineering

In this episode, host Paul Roberts chats with Kelly Shortridge, a Senior Principal at Fastly, Black Hat 2023 speaker, and author on how to foster agility and nimbleness in enterprise security teams.

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Season 4, EP 9

Creating the Standard for Supply Chain Risk

June 21, 2023

In this episode, host Paul Roberts chats with Robert Martin of MITRE and Cassie Crossley of Schneider Electric about their session at this year’s RSA Conference. They explained how MITRE’s System of Trust can serve as a standard for software supply chain risk. The two also chatted with Paul about the greater issues facing software supply chains today, such as standardization and transparency. 

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Season 4, EP 8

How Do You Trust Open Source Software?

June 14, 2023

In this episode, host Paul Roberts chats with Naveen Srinivasan, an OpenSSF Scorecard Maintainer, about his talk at this year’s RSA Conference on how to better trust open source software. In their conversation, Naveen explains how the OpenSSF Scorecard tool can help developers understand the security posture of open source dependencies.

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Season 4, EP 6

Red Teaming the Indian Government

May 17, 2023

In this episode, host Paul Roberts chats with John Jackson, a senior offensive security consultant about red team exercises he and the security research group Sakura Samurai conducted on web sites and applications belonging to the government of India.

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Season 4, EP 5

SBOM skeptics and talks about the importance of software supply chain transparency

May 5, 2023

In this special Café edition of ConversingLabs, host Paul Roberts interviews Joshua Corman, the Vice President of Cyber Safety Strategy at Claroty and the Founder of I Am The Cavalry on the sidelines of the RSA Conference 2023 in San Francisco. Josh speaks with Paul about his RSAC track session, The Opposite of Transparency, which takes on skepticism of software bill of materials (SBOMs) and makes an argument for greater transparency around software supply chain risk. 

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