ConversingLabs: Conversations About Threat Hunting and Software Supply Chain Security

ReversingLabs' Paul Roberts hosts the best minds in threat hunting and intelligence, software supply chain security — and beyond.

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Cyber Content Lead at ReversingLabs. Paul is a reporter, editor and industry analyst with 20 years’ experience covering the cyber security space. He is the founder and editor in chief at The Security Ledger, a cybersecurity news website. His writing about cyber security has appeared in publications including Forbes, The Christian Science Monitor, MIT Technology Review, The Economist Intelligence Unit, CIO Magazine, ZDNet and Fortune Small Business. He has appeared on NPR’s Marketplace Tech Report, KPCC AirTalk, Fox News Tech Take, Al Jazeera and The Oprah Show. You can find Paul online on Twitter (@paulfroberts and on LinkedIn).

Season 4, EP 1

The Road to Software Supply Chain Security Compliance

March 29, 2023

In this episode, host Paul Roberts chats with Steve Lasker, a former Azure Program Manager with over 20 years of experience at Microsoft. Lasker touched on his industry experience to explain how the effort to secure software has evolved into what it is today. 

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Season 3, EP 5

The Silent Epidemic of Business Email Compromise (BEC) Attacks

December 15, 2022

In this episode, host Paul Roberts chats with Ronnie Tokazowski, a Principal Threat Analyst at the firm Cofense and “that BEC guy” - about  the scourge of business email compromise (BEC) attacks and the larger issue of online fraud which is impacting both organizations and individuals. 

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Season 2, EP 7

Hunting Follina

September 7, 2022 | Paul Roberts

We chatted with ReversingLabs Malware Researcher Joseph Edwards about his research on the Follina Exploit.

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Season 2, EP 6

Leveraging YARA

August, 2022 | Paul Roberts

We chatted with ReversingLabs Malware Researcher Hrvoje Samardžić and Roman Hüssy of about YARAify, which aids threat hunting operations.

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