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Identify. Verify. Trust.

ReversingLabs promotes third party risk management by collecting software bills of materials, continuously scanning for and identifying malware and tampering, and enforcing custom scanning policies and guardrails. Organizations can understand the size of their attack surface and risk, identify active threats in real time, and uphold organizational best practices.

PwC and ReversingLabs Form Strategic Alliance to Bring Software Supply Chain Security to Third Party Risk Management Programs

Comprehensive Third Party Software Risk Visibility

Comprehensive Third Party Software Risk Visibility

Procurement and IT teams have limited visibility, being unable to determine whether specific software versions are safe to acquire or deploy. ReversingLabs Software Supply Chain Security provides an interactive SBOM, malware and tampering detection, and custom policy enforcement, enabling enterprises to know the components and risks of third-party software, the integrity of software updates, and whether best practices are being followed.

Monitor Risk Changes Throughout Software Use Lifecycle

Monitor Risk Changes Throughout Software Use Lifecycle

Vendor questionnaires provide insights on third party software for specific points in time. With applications being updated multiple times per year, the information quickly becomes outdated, neglecting newer risks and exposures. ReversingLabs Software Supply Chain Security continuously scans third party software, identifying active threats and suspicious behaviors in real time, allowing users to keep up with the agility of modern software production.

The way firms must think about their supply chain continues to evolve and it’s clear now that with such a high dependency on software and technology, getting visibility into software security is no longer a nice-to-have activity.

Penny Flint, Partner, PwC UK
ReversingLabs Software Supply Chain Security delivers a complete analysis of third party software to close the gap in vendor risk management
ReversingGlass Trust In Your Software must be complete

Solution Insights

Automatically Analyze Software for Supply Chain Threats

Submit & Analyze

Rapidly analyze software binaries, containers, open source libraries, and third-party software for threats

Identify, Remediate & Respond

Identify high-risk software, remediate risks buried deep within layers of software dependencies, isolate threats when they occur

Verify, Approve & Release

Confidently confirm security quality with custom approval policies, and release safely to production environments

Continuously Monitor

Identify, investigate, and respond to new risks which are introduced throughout the software use lifecycle.