Gain More Control Over Software Risks

Gain More Control Over Software Risks

Challenge: The software supply chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Software providers falling victim to cyber-attacks can unfortunately deliver an attacker’s payload to unsuspecting customers. Because supply chain attacks can be well obfuscated and occur after traditional source code scanning is completed, inspecting release package is the right approach for assessing whether behavior changes, software tampering and other indicators of code compromise have occurred.

Solution: ReversingLabs assesses actual software packages for attack indicators, providing a detailed audit of software components and informs users about hidden risks. This independent package analysis means validation can happen at any point along a software supply chain and can identify several types of risks that have not been easy to spot before now.

Audit & Verify Before Deployment

Audit & Verify Before Deployment

Challenge: Relying solely on a point-in-time, vendor attestation questionnaire cannot deliver the required level of insight to ensure that regularly updated applications, even from a trusted vendor, remain secure. While a check-the-box approach can flag potential problems, but it can also overlook newer exposures and risks, providing an incomplete view.

Solution: ReversingLabs validates software components and behaviors from the release package, without requiring source code or special debug builds. Thus customers, auditors, and application security teams can independently verify that software updates continue to pose an acceptable level or risk before deployment.

Manage 3rd Party Software Risks

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