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Assess and Manage Third-Party Software Risk

Spectra Assure for Software Buyers

Reduce Material Risks of Commercial Software Before it is Purchased and Deployed. Identify
Threats and Exposures to Make Risk-based Decisions.

Increase in software supply chain threats from 2021 to 2023.

ReversingLabs, State of Software Supply Chain
Security 2024


Identify third-party risks after initial onboarding and due diligence.



Artifacts in typical software package are not scanned by application security tools.

Citation: ReversingLabs Platform Data

The Critical Need for Complete Third-Party Software Analysis

Legacy vendor risk assessments cannot provide an in-depth review of a vendor’s software prior to purchase, and cannot scale to identify attacks embedded within software updates.

Software procurement teams must introduce complete analysis for any software before deployment to detect the threats invisible to traditional security tools, such as malware, tampering, exposed secrets, critical vulnerabilities, and more.

Know when your software is malware
Know when your software is malware

Analyze, Assess, and Assure. No Source Code Needed.

Spectra Assure’s AI-Driven Complex Binary Analysis delivers a comprehensive analysis of third-party software without the need for source code, closing the gap in vendor risk management. Upload and analyze the complete software package, and identify risks, threats, malware, and vulnerabilities within minutes.

Spectra Assure

A vendor's inability or unwillingness to accommodate requests for attestations or information about secure software development practices is an adverse signal of risk and should be disqualifying.


Gartner®, “Mitigate Enterprise Software Supply Chain Security Risks”
Dale Gardner, 31 October 2023


Comprehensive Visibility for Procurement Decisions

Comprehensive Visibility for Procurement Decisions

Spectra Assure delivers deep insights into software with independent and non-invasive software assessments that do not require access to the source code. Supplement surveys and pen-testing with a comprehensive risk profile that is comparable across vendors.

Compliance and Audit

Compliance and Audit

Spectra Assure strengthens software risk governance practices by maintaining compliance and ensuring software analysis results are reviewed and approved by a designated team. Maintain a safe repository of approved software that meets your organization's audit requirements.

Monitor Risk Changes Throughout Software Use Lifecycle

Monitor Risk Changes Throughout Software Use Lifecycle

Spectra Assure outpaces static, outdated vendor questionnaire responses by continuously scanning third-party software so users can have a real-time view of the rapidly changing application risk landscape. Organizations can effectively identify new threats or suspicious behaviors, and take action at scale.

Automatically Analyze Software for Supply Chain Threats

Submit & Analyze

Rapidly analyze first-, second-, and third-party software components for threats, malware, exposed secrets, and more.

Verify, Approve & Release

Confidently confirm security quality with custom approval policies, and deploy safely to production environments.

Continuously Monitor

Identify, investigate, and respond to new risks introduced throughout the software use lifecycle.



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