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Spectra Assure™ for Software Producers

Identify Software Supply Chain Issues Before Release

Detect the full spectrum of software supply chain security threats that SAST, DAST, and SCA cannot catch.


Artifacts in typical software package are not scanned by application security tools

ReversingLabs Platform Data


Increase in software supply chain threats from 2021 to 2023

ReversingLabs, State of Software Supply Chain Security 2024


Organizations that will mandate a software bill of materials (SBOM) by 2026


The Critical Need for Software Supply Chain Security

Focusing solely on vulnerabilities and open source with a shift-left approach omits the majority of software supply chain threats hidden in post-build artifacts.

Product security and development teams must introduce a final exam for their software before deployment to detect the threats invisible to traditional security tools, such as
malware, tampering, exposed secrets, suspicious behaviors, and more.

The Buyer's Guide to Software Supply Chain Security

The Only Solution Powered by AI-Driven Complex Binary Analysis

Spectra Assure’s AI-Driven Complex Binary Analysis detects embedded threats across software components, files, and builds. Alerts are classified by severity and
recommendations provide remediation support for efficient and continuous release of trustworthy software.

The Only AI-Driven Complex Binary Analysis Solution
Quickly Manage Risk Across Large, Complex Attack Surfaces

Quickly Manage Risk Across Large, Complex Attack Surfaces

Spectra Assure is powered by the world’s largest threat repository of 40+ billion searchable malware and goodware files. Capable of scanning complex files - as fast as 1 GB in 5 minutes - Spectra Assure quickly detects active threats hidden in large release packages and containers.

Validate the Integrity of Software Updates

Validate the Integrity of Software Updates

Spectra Assure identifies embedded software supply chain threats like malware,
tampering, suspicious behaviors, and secret exposure in first-, second-, and third-party components undiscovered by other application security tools.

Enforce Security Policy and Meet Compliance Standards

Enforce Security Policy and Meet Compliance Standards

Spectra Assure simplifies software security compliance with emerging government
initiatives such as US Executive Order 14028, NIS2 from CISA and NSA, the FDA’s
Cybersecurity for Medical Devices, and EU’s DORA 2022/2554, with customizable
security policies, risk scoring, and reporting.

Actionable Risk Insights for Faster Remediation

Actionable Risk Insights for Faster Remediation

Spectra Assure generates an actionable risk report identifying malware, tampering, exposed secrets, and more. Integrating Spectra Assure into CI/CD processes provides a prioritized risk ranking of findings and sorts them by threat category. Additionally, finding can be security shared or as an exportable SBOM.

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We are working to help establish new standards for secure software development in the industry and ReversingLabs has since become an important part of our overall efforts.


ReversingLabs enabled us to achieve unparalleled supply chain security, giving us the trust and confidence that our products are secure.


AV and vulnerability scans were not enough. ReversingLabs delivered a true solution to identify risks and exposures for our software supply chain, and deliver a comprehensive security-focused SBOM to meet the evolving needs of our customers.


Submit & Analyze

Rapidly analyze first-, second-, and third-party software components for threats, malware, exposed secrets, and more.

Identify, Prioritize, & Respond

Identify threats and exposures in software, prioritizing remediation to minimize developer fatigue.

Verify, Approve & Release

Confidently confirm security quality with custom approval policies, and deploy safely to production environments.



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