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ReversingLabs assesses software components, releases and containers for malware, tampering, and other software supply chain threats and exposures. Development and Application Security teams use ReversingLabs to prioritize threat remediation, protect software integrity, and improve security quality to confidently release software that maintains customer trust.

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Assess Releases for Supply Chain Threats & Exposures

Assess Releases for Supply Chain Threats & Exposures

Challenge: Challenge: Software supply chain attackers have one goal - to have your software work on their behalf once it is deployed in customer or production environments. The fact that successful attacks keep happening is evidence that checking software components and packages for active threats inserted by a malicious actor is a very different problem to solve than helping developers write less vulnerable source code.

Solution: ReversingLabs delivers unparalleled insight into active threats (e.g., malware, tampering, malicious or risky software behavior changes) and high-risk exposures (e.g., security mitigations, authorization secrets, source code or intellectual property that should not be in a release package) that are not always visible in source code. The platform’s deep inspection of software builds, releases or containers is combined with unique threat intelligence curated from billions of files harvested continuously for 10+ years.
Manage Risk Across Enormous, Complex Attack Surfaces

Manage Risk Across Enormous, Complex Attack Surfaces

Challenge: Attacks can involve any type of software component (executables, libraries, installer applications) and file (help documents, image files, archives) included in the build, release or container. Attackers can make malicious changes at any stage of software development, assembly, and delivery, at any of your software suppliers (open-source, third-party, commercial vendors), and to tools that developers use, such as IDE plug-ins.

Solution: ReversingLabs provides deep visibility into every discovered open-source, third-party, outsourced, proprietary, internal, and commercial component — from small DLLs to large, complex containers. The platform integrates and automates software testing, security controls, risk-based prioritization and compliance reporting throughout software development and delivery. Customizable policies enforce consistent security standards while adding specifics for your environment, threat models and individual software components.

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Infographic: The State of Software Supply Chain Security 2022-23

Infographic: The State of Software Supply Chain Security 2022-23

Learn about the state of supply chain security with these key data points and highlights from the report

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The State of Software Supply Chain Security 2022-23

The State of Software Supply Chain Security 2022-23

Software supply chain security is a key priority for 2023, as organizations face a surge in attacks on everything from open source and third-party dependencies, to developer accounts and log-in credentials, and the technologies used to build, package and sign software


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