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Closing the Software Supply Chain Security Gap

The Power of Complex Binary Analysis


The evolving software supply chain threat landscape has underlined the limitations of existing tools and approaches. Software supply chain security (SSCS) strategies rooted in technologies like SAST, DAST, and SCA solely focus on vulnerabilities, while commercial software risk assessments rely on surface-level pentests, questionnaires and SBOMs.

This white paper dives into the technical nuances of complex binary analysis and how it enables software producers and buyers to flag embedded software supply chain threats like malware, tampering, exposed secrets, vulnerabilities, and more — all without requiring source code.

You’ll come away with:

  • A baseline understanding of how existing SSCS strategies omit entire threat categories
  • How Complex Binary Analysis enables a comprehensive analysis of risks and threats
  • The power of recursive unpacking of a software binary
  • Details into Spectra Assure’s AI-Driven Complex Binary engine including how it deconstructs large and complex files in minutes and uses AI to flag malicious behaviors


Download the White Paper