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The State of Software Supply Chain Security 2024

Threats increase 1300% as businesses face new regulations and litigation.

New 2024 Report

ReversingLabs detected a greater than 1300% increase in cybersecurity threats circulating via open-source package repositories between 2020 and 2023. This includes a 400% increase in threats found on the Python Package Index (PyPI) platform last year alone.

Additionally, the barrier to entry for hackers has moved beyond nation-state actors, exploiting the blind spot in the software supply chain for both software producers and third-party risk managers.

Download the report to learn:

  • Unique insights into patterns of software supply chain threats and attacks from 2023

  • The increases in malicious packages in open source

  • How new regulations and guidance are changing the landscape of software supply chain risks and security

  • The visibility gaps in current AppSec testing and the threats they expose to organizations in both open-source, commercial, and third-party software

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