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ReversingLabs vs. VirusTotal

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The Bottom Line

ReversingLabs provides the world’s largest and most advanced threat intelligence. Offering a selection of 70 API feeds for maximum flexibility, ReversingLabs maintains a database of known malware and goodware that is over 7x larger than VirusTotal. ReversingLabs is the trusted provider of threat intelligence to cybersecurity companies to power and enhance their security products and services.

Detect Malware Earlier & Respond Faster

ReversingLabs offers a superior solution designed for enterprise security teams. Quality file reputation verdicts, unequaled file intelligence, comprehensive private query and feed services, and our automated malware analysis solution provide the tools that detect malware earlier, respond faster and stop the damage caused by advanced malware attacks.



A Legacy of In-House Threat Research

ReversingLabs solutions are built on in-house threat research. They automate proprietary classification combined with the support and decomposition of multi-gigabyte and multi-layered files, beyond the capabilities of VirusTotal. This automation reduces risk with faster time to detection and mitigation and conserves SOC resources.


Final Verdicts Eliminate Guesswork

ReversingLabs provides a definitive answer as to whether a file is malicious, suspicious or good. This allows SOC teams to weed out what files need to be remediated, saving time and resources. It also ends guessing what is in a file so organizations handle fewer false positives and fewer false negatives.

VirusTotal only provides source classification results for malicious files, leaving the user to come to their own conclusion. For example, would you assume a file is malicious if 5 antivirus vendors find malware? How about 5 antivirus vendors plus 3 sandbox vendors? What can you trust to be enough?

ReversingLabs delivers the critical details necessary for the trusted, definitive answer VirusTotal cannot produce.


Comprehensive Threat Analysis

ReversingLabs has a more robust portfolio that goes beyond threat intelligence. Organizations can automate their own file analysis with the ReversingLabs Threat Analysis and Hunting solution. The user interface goes beyond threat name, classification and severity to include descriptive attack history, how we caught this threat, threat indicators and file analysis mapping to the MITRE ATT&CK framework.

ReversingLabs provides us with easy-to-understand, conclusive file classifications, compared to VirusTotal where we have to analyze file analysis results.

VP of Threat Intelligence, Large FSI

Get 7x the insights at a fraction of the cost!

ReversingLabs offers a superior file intelligence, comprehensive private query and feed services, and more. Take advantage of our limited time offer now.