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CloudNativeSecurityCon Feb 1-2, 2023 | Seattle, WA

Join ReversingLabs at the CloudNativeSecurityCon. Learn about why supply chain security requires dev and SOC teams to come together. Plus: Learn about our secure.software platform, schedule a free SBOM, and learn about Cloud Deep Scan file share protection.



The State of Software Supply Chain Security

The State of Software Supply Chain Security 2022-23

Attacks on software supply chains surged in 2022. Here's what software development and security operations teams need to know about the state of supply chain security.
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The State of Software Supply Chain Security

Panel Discussion: The State of Software Supply Chain Security

Software supply chain security is a key priority for 2023, as organizations face a surge in attacks on open source, third-party dependencies, developer stacks etc. Learn from top experts and analysts.
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NVD Analysis 2022: A Call to Action on Software Supply Chain Security

Attackers are shifting from apps to software components, an the NVD is not keeping pace with risk. Trust is key for modern software supply chain security. Learn why you need to focus on what code does—not just where it comes from.

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DNA of an app: Why traditional app sec testing misses modern threats

Matt Rose breaks down the components of a typical application, and points out that while traditional testing features are important, they miss emerging software supply chain threats.
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Solution demo: ReversingLabs Cloud Deep Scan

See the ReversingLabs Cloud Deep Scan demo video for how to secure your file shares. Plus, explore the solution page for a case study and data sheet.
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Explore the ReversingLabs secure.software platform

The ReversingLabs secure.software platform delivers software supply chain security protection for CI/CD workflows, containers, and release packages. See sample reports and learn more. 

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