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DevOpsDays Los Angeles March 10, 2023 | Pasadena, California

DevOpsDays Los Angeles is an annual volunteer-organized conference dedicated to the DevOps community. The event is presented in cooperation with the Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE), 

Join ReversingLabs at the event!

DevOpsDays Los Angeles

Special Report

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The Evolution of Application Security

Learn about SCA tools, how app sec is evolving to tackle supply chain security — and download Forrester's Software Composition Analysis Landscape, Q1 2023.

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Secrets Exposed

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Why modern development, open source repositories spill secrets en masse

The Circle CI breach and other recent hacks expose why the secrets problem is so prolific. Paul Roberts reports.

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Threat Research

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Developers beware: Imposter HTTP libraries lurk on PyPI

ReversingLabs researchers discovered dozens of malicious packages on Python Package Index that mimic popular libraries.

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The State of Software Supply Chain Security Social_1X

The State of Software Supply Chain Security 2022-23

Understand the major trends from 2022 — and what lies ahead in 2023. Download our full report, or learn more in our special report package.

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Panel Discussion

Webinar: The State of Software Supply Chain Security 2022-23

Webinar: The State of Software Supply Chain Security 2022-23

Learn what’s needed to ensure the integrity of software delivery, the role of SBOMs in securing the supply chain, the latest federal requirements regarding securing the software supply chain, and the essential elements of an SBOM in this discussion.

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Shift Your Focus


6 reasons to go beyond legacy vulnerabilities

With software supply chain attacks surging, dev and application security teams should shift gears from legacy vulnerabilities to open-source repos, DevOps tools, and software tampering. Learn why — and get our special report, NVD Analysis: A Call to Action on Supply Chain Security. 
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