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2023 FS-ISAC
FinCyber Today Summit
October 1-4, 2023 | Orlando, FL

Join ReversingLabs (Booth 27) at the FS-ISAC FinCyber Today Summit. Sessions will go into more technical depth, including more sharing of how-to’s for practitioners than the more high-level perspectives given at the Americas Spring Summits along with many additional tracks.

2023 FS-ISAC FinCyber Today Summit
FS-ISAC Ali Khan's Session: Supply Chain Attacks Panel

About The Session

The recent 3CX & Trading Technologies cascading software supply chain attack demonstrated to the security community a new frontier of SSCS attacks proliferating. In this panel we will discuss implications for Threat Intel and AppSec teams, and what financial institutions can do to mitigate.  Panelists include: Ajoy Kumar, Head of App Sec at Large Retail Bank, Vivek Kumar, Global Deputy CISO at CBOE Global Markets, and Ismeet Dhillon, Managing Director of Technology Risk at Goldman Sachs.

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Expert Analysis


Software supply chain security and financial services: Mind the gaps in AST

Ali Khan explains why you need to upgrade from app sec to software supply chain security: In the financial sector, adversaries can compromise your organization without malware or known vulnerabilities.

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Special Report

Infographic Featured image -Software-Supply-Chain-Security-Risk-Survey-Report

Tools gap leaves orgs exposed to supply chain attacks: Upgrade your app sec

Traditional application security tools aren’t adequate to defend against software supply chain attacks. Our new report explains why — and why a mature approach is now a requirement.


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Explore ReversingLabs Software Supply Chain Security

Explore ReversingLabs Software Supply Chain Security

ReversingLabs Software Supply Chain Security delivers protection for CI/CD workflows, containers, and release packages that enables DevSecOps teams to release software with confidence. See sample reports and learn more. 

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Explore ReversingLabs Threat Intelligence

ReversingLabs Threat Intelligence, powered by TitaniumCloud, provides up-to-date file reputation services, threat classification and rich context on tens of billions of goodware and malware files. Learn more with an overview, product details, use cases, data sheets and more.
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