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Mario's session in RSA 2016 Highlights!

Reversing Labs CEO had one of the hottest session topics and presentations.

Mario's session in RSA 2016 Highlights!

RSA Conference 2016 celebrated the 25th year of this seminal conference for the world’s leading security professionals and innovative technology vendors.  To be recognized and selected as a speaker at this event is a high distinction.  We are proud that our CEO and Co-founder Mario Vuksan not only presented but was called out as one of the top speakers/sessions. 

Per the official conference press release: “RSA Conference 2016 highlights: Hot session topics and presentations”, Mario’s presentation was one of five receiving this honor.  In particular, the release stated: “As the year begins, Mario Vuksan, CEO, ReversingLabs, reviewed fundamental industry shifts and how to adopt how to trust and build software at “Threats of Greatest Consequences Heading into 2016.”  Mario addressed audiences at two packed sessions during the conference that drew over 40,000 attendees.

Congratulations Mario!

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