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Mist in the morning

TitanMist, the newest project from ReversingLabs, was presented at this year's BlackHat USA. Being our youngest product, it got the most attention. As a sign of our high hopes for this project, we've dedicated ourselves to creating a detailed roadmap for it, a roadmap based on your desires, your expectations, and best of all: your contributions. Below are the milestones for the project's future:

  • Deploying an easy to use installer for the project (done)
  • Deploying a QA system and integrating it with our wiki format knowledge base
  • Extending the TitanMist database with more signatures and unpackers
  • Extending the TitanMist database with quality tested PeID signatures
  • Extending the TitanMist database with quality tested OllyDBG scripts
  • Extending the TitanScript capabilities by enabling the DLL unpacking
  • Introducing more TitanMist plugins along with the Nexus plugin
  • Graphical user interface

That is our TODO list, our focus. We've received many suggestions from people who have tried TitanMist in the brief time since its release - some of which immediately found their way onto on our roadmap list. We encourage you to contribute to our little project, making it a true "go-to" tool when it comes to file analysis. Until the next update on the TitanMist...

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TitanMist installer

(package contains the installer for the tool)