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CYBER office space for advanced CYBER security


Our team in Croatia has moved to new and cutting-edge offices in Zagreb. We’re pleased that our engineers enjoy this new workspace with its 360-view of the city from the newest and the most advanced building in the city.

The move has inspired the team in releasing several new N1000, A1000, and TitaniumCore product releases as well as some new and exciting Web Services.OUR NEW OFFICESOUR NEW OFFICES

“I’m very proud of our team! They are great at what they do, smart, intelligent, and highly motivated people. They deserve such an inspiring work environment. Our company has big expansion plans and needs the best possible work environment“, says Tomislav Pericin, the Co-Founder and CSA of ReversingLabs.OUR NEW OFFICES

ReversingLabs is a fast growing cyber security company that has experienced rapid revenue growth during the last 4 years in one of the most dynamic and exciting industries in the world today.