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ReversingLabs CEO provides insights into DNC Hacks

Multi-layered payloads can yield clues to hacker identity and intentions when successfully unpacked and analyzed.

ReversingLabs CEO provides insights into DNC Hacks

ReversingLabs CEO Mario Vuksan was featured at the top of today's Christian Science Monitor article on the DNC leaks: " The Secret Linguistics Clues Researchers Used to Link DNC Hack to Russia": "In the digital world, we look at every aspect of communication," says Mario Vuksan, chief executive officer of the cybersecurity firm ReversingLabs. "From the way a hacking group connects to an asset to the way the binary code is written to text and email messages."

ReversingLabs technologies provide deep analysis on this and other types of file content to unpack and tackle polymorphic obfuscation: getting at the true intent of what might otherwise appear to be benign payloads.  

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