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ReversingLabs Chosen to Kick Off Phantom's new Webinar Series

Phantom user community gains detailed insight into extended value offered by ReversingLabs A1000 Malware Analysis Platform integration with Phantom's Security Automation & Orchestration.

ReversingLabs Chosen to Kick Off Phantom's new Webinar Series

The recent webinar focused on a malware analysis investigation use case with ReversingLabs' File Reputation and File Analysis tools in the Phantom Platform. Since being featured in CEO Oliver Friedrichss winning presentation at the RSA 2016 Innovation contest as well as Phantom's Black Hat Hackathon event, ReversingLabs and Phantom have been deepening their integration playbooks and value provided to customers.

The webinar was preceded earlier in the week by a Phantom blog post spotlighting ReversingLabs Real-Time classification of malware samples. In the use case, upon receiving a sample from a detection system or SIEM, the Phantom SA&O demonstrates automation actions on a ReversingLabs A1000 Malware Analysis Platform using the ReversingLabs File Reputation App.ReversingLabs Chosen to Kick Off Phantom's new Webinar Series

Increasing the value obtained via this integration, the ReversingLabs app returns high-level sample classifications back to Phantom for further decision-making and orchestration steps including more thorough A1000 sample-detonation with workflow that can email team analysts for subsequent follow through.

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