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ReversingLabs Embarking on Significant Expansion to Core Technologies in 2017

Furthering 2016’s Strong Performance, ReversingLabs will release multiple ground-breaking enhancements and capabilities in 2017

ReversingLabs Embarking on Significant Expansion to Core Technologies in 2017

ReversingLabs has achieved many exciting milestones during 2016 based around our three core technologies: automated static analysis, comprehensive file reputation database and functionality similarity analysis.ReversingLabs Embarking on Significant Expansion to Core Technologies in 2017

In particular:

  • Our static analysis capabilities have been dramatically expanded to perform at any scale elastically
  • Our industry-leading file reputation corpus has now reached 3 billion goodware and malware samples with daily additions on new samples and variants growing in the millions daily
  • This size and growth further improved our ability to provide powerful APIs and Feeds for specific use cases including
    • pivoting by vertical/industry to support a diverse set of customers individually as well as collaboration organizations such as FS-ISAC and R-CISC
    • providing file reputation services for the AWS cloud
  • And, our focus on Continuous Incident Response in support of SOCs, CERTs and analyst teams has been broadened to include a growing Yara Hunting capability to enable organizations to focus on hunting for, finding and reacting to what is most important to securing their environment.

2016 successes are driving 2017 initiatives and our roadmap priorities.

Just some of the things that we will be releasing this year include:ReversingLabs Embarking on Significant Expansion to Core Technologies in 2017

  • The ReversingLabs Classification Algorithm to provide even deeper analytics beyond traditional AV results
  • Extending our flexible Yara hunting capabilities further to enable retrospective analyses
  • And two new solution-specific appliances that leverage our core technologies:
    • A lightweight endpoint/storage device file scanning and analysis capability to aid in forensic investigations, whether as simple as a compromised device or as large as a SharePoint repository.
    • A gateway proxy/blocking appliance that will sit in-line and leverage organization-specific Yara rules to analyze and block inappropriate traffic
  • … and more, stay-tuned

And we deeply believe that this results neither our future plans would not be possible without strong and positive vibes that we share here in ReversingLabs.

Many more achievements are yet to come!