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ReversingLabs Joins the Ready for IBM Security Intelligence Alliance program

IBM has established a partnership to incorporate threat intelligence feeds from ReversingLabs

ReversingLabs Joins the Ready for IBM Security Intelligence Alliance program

In discussing the evolution of the IBM X-Force Exchange Platform, the X-force team indicates that “Security analysts, responsible for maintaining the security of the company for which they work, must meet specific requirements regarding the information they leverage in their investigations. It must be high-fidelity and delivered in real time with as much detailed context as possible — an increasingly difficult task given the multitude of information available.”

Realizing this need, IBM moved to extend the Platform: “The IBM X-Force Exchange (XFE) platform was introduced over a year ago to provide threat intelligence information openly, yet it was only one source of information. As vast as the X-Force data repository is, it became clear as the platform and threat intelligence market matured that we needed to provide a broader perspective to help analysts validate their findings.”

The ability to access and leverage deep threat intelligence information from ReversingLabs was seen as a value-adding proposition for IBM customers. Thus ReversingLabs has joined as a Partner in the Ready for IBM Security Intelligence Alliance program enabling access to our comprehensive threat intelligence.

“These partnerships allow existing customers to bring additional context when looking up an observable, such as an IP address, domain, vulnerability or malware, in the XFE report page.”

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