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ReversingLabs sponsors SINET London

CEO Mario Vuksan to join roundtable discussing Meltdown and Spectre attacks

ReversingLabs sponsors SINET London

At the upcoming SINET London event, CEO Mario Vuksan will be a panelist along with Tony Mather, CIO, AWE, John Meakin, Group CISO, GSK, Stephen Pattison, VP Public Affairs, ARM Holdings plc, and Vikram Phatak, CEO, NSSLabs; discussing: A Letter to My CEO On The Impact Of The 3 Billion Chip Enablement From Spectre & Meltdown Exploits. The panel breaks down what has become an all too common scenario for security teams – how do you respond to a new, previously unknown vulnerability with far-ranging consequences for the security team and the business. The panel will discuss the challenges that the Meltdown and Spectre attacks had and continue to have on the global manufacturing industry and specifically the challenges with these attacks on automated industrial control systems. The main topic areas include: 

  • How do we build a cross-functional team to deal with the security, technical and business aspects of a major cyber-attack event?
  • How do we deal with remote facilities across all continents as response plans are rolled out?
  • How do we resolve the issues of patching and updating systems without disrupting ongoing production operations?
  • How do we approach legacy systems where no patch exists or cloud computing where no control exists?
  • How do we search across all systems to find where exploits exist and more importantly monitor those systems for early attack detection?
  • How should we budget for expensive vulnerabilities and attacks in the long run?

This roundtable will be both entertaining and informative so if you are attending the SINET London event, do not miss it – Tuesday, September 18th, 3:10PM – 3:55PM. 

If you are not attending the event and want to learn more about ReversingLabs and how we help companies find and respond to unknown and undetected malware please contact us.