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ReversingLabs to Expose New PE Vulnerabilities at 2012 HITBSecConf

A presentation and a hands-on lab will cover detecting and preventing emerging attacks on PE format files using the newly released TitanEngine 3.0 open source library.ReversingLabs to Expose New PE Vulnerabilities at 2012 HITBSecConf

ReversingLabs, the global leader in static malware analysis tools, announced today that CEO, Mario Vuksan, and Chief Software Architect, Tomislav Pericin, will conduct a presentation and a hands on lab at the 2012 HITB Security Conference in Amsterdam. The session will cover newly discovered techniques that attackers use to exploit the popular Portable Executable (PE) file format and how to combat them.

ReversingLabs will also unveil TitanEngine 3.0, the latest version of the open source library that simplifies and automates the unpacking of binary files for analysis. Attendees will have the opportunity to use TitanEngine 3.0 to explore the various vulnerabilities and malformations in the PE file format.

Who: Mario Vuksan, CEO, ReversingLabs
Tomislav Pericin Chief Software Architect, ReversingLabs

Where: HITB 2012 AMS, Okura Hotel, Amsterdam http://conference.hitb.org/

Lab: "TitanEngine 3.0: Return of the Titan and the Exile of PE Malformation"

When: May 25, 2012, 1:30-3:30

A ReversingLabs presentation at last year's Black Hat changed the way we think about the PE file format. Numerous problems with its design were shown during the presentation, "Things you don't know about Portable Executable file format". This lab will expand on the ideas presented last year by exposing even more PE file format vulnerabilities and recommended solutions.

ReversingLabs will demonstrate the problems and solutions with PE file format processor implemented using TitanEngine 3.0. The new release of this unique PE file processing and unpacking library comes fully equipped to combat malformation problems. It provides users with tools necessary to manipulate and unpack PE files and to correctly identify security problems discussed during the lab.