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ReversingLabs to Supply the Next Generation VGREP Service for Virus Bulletin

ReversingLabs, the global leader in static malware analysis tools, announced today that the company will supply the next generation VGREP services to Virus Bulletin. VGREP database provides a cross reference of malware detection names as used by different antivirus vendors. The NG-VGREP will provide up-to-date malware name cross reference no latest and historic malware samples.

 ReversingLabs to Supply the Next Generation VGREP Service for Virus Bulletin

“ReversingLabs is excited to work with Virus Bulletin in enhancing VGREP service,” said Mario Vuksan, CEO at ReversingLabs.  “This new service will enhance the capabilities of malware analysts, support engineers and marketing departments to accurately identify malicious samples.”

“ReversingLabs technology makes it possible to improve the VGREP service for greater scale, coverage and speed,” said John Hawes, Technical Consultant and Test Team Director at Virus Bulletin.

ReversingLabs will provide significant improvement over the current VGREP services.

  • New malware will get scanned and all detection changes updated twice daily.
  • The number of vendor scanners that VGREP supports will increase from 13 to 25. 
  • The number of malware samples will grow to over 80M.
  • Advanced search engine technology will support lightning fast queries and will obviate the need for VGREP database downloads.

Available in September 2012.

Cambridge, MA