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Threat Intelligence Appliance

TITANIUMCLOUD APPLIANCE PROVIDES ON-PREMISES THREAT INTELLIGENCE ON OVER 1 BILLION GOODWARE AND MALWARE FILES. ReversingLabs announced today the availability of TitaniumCloud™, the industry's most comprehensive threat intelligence database, on an plug-and-play appliance for customers that require local access for enhanced performance and security.

Threat Intelligence Appliance

TitaniumCloud provides comprehensive threat intelligence and reputation information on over 1 billion malware and goodware files to enables customers to identify and research potential malware. Using the new appliance, customers do not incur latency penalties and security risks associated with the Internet. The appliance supports upwards of 6000 queries per second with 20 millisecond response times.

The TitaniumCloud appliance implements a proprietary NoSQL database architecture optimized to service a high volume of queries on the massive TitaniumCloud database with very low latency. The appliance can receive "real-time" updates over the Internet to keep the local database current with the latest threats. Sites without Internet connections can update the appliance manually. Powerful query functions are accessed through a high performance REST interface.

"The TitaniumCloud Appliance provides our customers with an on-site, up-to-date replica of the data residing in ReversingLabs data center." said Mario Vuksan, ReversingLabs CEO, "This enables labs, response teams and OEMs to meet the most demanding performance and security requirements."

TitaniumCloud identifies files and provides rich information about their contents. Every sample is processed using the ReversingLabs TitaniumCore™ Automated Static Decomposition engine to extract all contained objects and their internal metadata. The samples are recursively unpacked, decompressed, decrypted, repaired and de-obfuscated. The information extracted from the resulting components includes format, format validation, strings, sections and certificate chains. Malware samples are also scanned twice daily with 27 anti-virus products and the history is stored in the TitaniumCloud database. The TitaniumCloud appliance supports a number of dataset options to meet customer requirements. Customers can order a subset of the TitaniumCloud data based on file type, for example: only goodware, only malware or only mobile malware. Contact ReversingLab for a complete set of options.

Cambridge, MA