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Unprecedented Detection of APTs, Directed Attacks and Advanced Malware

TitaniumCore release 2.5 runs on Windows and Linux platforms with enhanced automated static analysis of mobile apps, email formats and documents.

Unprecedented Detection of APTs, Directed Attacks and Advanced Malware

ReversingLabs™ announced today the availability of TitaniumCore™ release 2.5 that significantly enhances the industry's fastest and most comprehensive solution for detecting and analyzing advanced cyber threats. The new release exposes malicious code and hidden content in binary files including: Windows, Linux, mobile apps, encoded email enclosures, PDF, Flash, documents, firmware and HTTP/SMTP PCAP binaries.   TitaniumCore™ release 2.5 is available on both Linux and Windows platforms for easy integration with lab automation workflows and OEM products. 

"The attackers have automated their offenses, it's time to leverage new technology to automate and speed up our cyber defenses," said Mario Vuksan, CEO of ReversingLabs. "TitaniumCore™ 2.5 significantly extends our customers' coverage for some of the most popular and dangerous attack vectors."    

TitaniumCore™ 2.5 makes malware analysis significantly faster and more productive by automatically unpacking binaries to discover their intent and capabilities in milliseconds.  The static decomposition engine removes all packing and obfuscation from binary files to expose all internal objects and their metadata. The metadata provides critical information, not available from other tools, for determining the intent and capabilities of a file. The unpacked objects are fully repaired and available for further analysis using debuggers, de-compilers or sandboxes.

ReversingLabs' innovative and unique technology, Automated Static Decomposition, provides faster, broader and deeper file analysis than other automated techniques.  In contrast, sandbox products show only what a sample does when executed at a specific place and time.  Malware often detects a sandbox or waits for command and control, so it does not exhibit malicious behavior.  Unlike sandbox products, Automated Static Decomposition does not attempt to execute files so any file can be decomposed and analyzed in milliseconds.

TitaniumCore can benefit large or small labs. The GUI supports ad hoc analysis on selected samples and the API enables integration with automated workflows or OEM platforms. The platform produces detailed XML reports for consumption by back end systems or databases for further analysis.

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