File Reputation Appliance

On-Premises Access to Industry Leading TitaniumCloud Reputation Database

File Reputation Appliance

Key Features

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    Operate in Complete Privacy: A local replica of TitaniumCloud File Reputation data so no queries leave your site

  • 2

    Access the Right Level of Detail: Two data sets to support summary or detailed file intelligence requirements

  • 3

    Stay Up-to-Date: Over 10 million data updates daily can be applied automatically in real-time over the Internet or manually for "air gapped" situations

  • 4

    Deploy in Your Infrastructure: Support for hardware, virtual or cloud deployment


The ReversingLabs T1000 Appliance provides access to an on premises, up-to-date copy of data from the industry’s most comprehensive source for threat intelligence and reputation data on files - ReversingLabs TitaniumCloud. The T1000 can support use cases where file reputation lookup and malware presence queries require higher performance or privacy.

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T1000 Data Sets

ReversingLabs’ TitaniumCloud File Reputation Services is the industry’s most comprehensive solution with up-to-date, threat classification and rich context on over 6B goodware and malware files. ReversingLabs does not depend on crowd sourced collection but instead curates the harvesting of files from multiple software vendors and diverse malware sources. All files are processed using unique ReversingLabs File Decomposition technology to derive detailed context and input from 40 AV scanners providing industry reputation consensus.

The T1000 File Reputation Appliance delivers on-premises access to two data sets for the files in the TitaniumCloud database: R1 for summary information and XG for detailed information.

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