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Reduce False Positives in the SOC with Software Analysis

Tim Stahl shares how to tune security detections before deploying enterprise software

Software Package Deconstruction

Thursday, September 21 | 11-11:30am ET

  2. Security teams struggle with alert fatigue caused by a variety of factors, which impacts the overall security posture of an enterprise. Too much time is wasted chasing false positives and investigating anomalies that turn out to be normal application behaviors. 

The information provided by software supply chain security during the normal application review process can aid security teams long term by helping tune alerts before software is deployed, or address specific concerns or risks with extra layers of detections as needed. 

This addition to the application review process can lead to significant resource savings, and increased network security.

Key episode takeaways: 

Enterprise security team pain points related to detections and false positives

Identifying behaviors likely to trigger host based security alerts

✓ Reviewing network traffic elements for inclusion in relevant allow lists across security applications and appliances

Presenter: Tim Stahl, Director of Field Threat Engineering, ReversingLabs | LinkedIn

About the Series:  In each episode of our application security series we will deconstruct, analyze, and expose hidden risks inside some of the largest most complex software packages using the ReversingLabs Software Supply Chain Security platform.

App Sec, TPRM, and Dev Teams will see our Software Supply Chain Security platform in action and how it provides teams with new found confidence and the ability to make Go/No Go software release decisions based on the most comprehensive view of software risk in the industry.