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Automate Incident Response

Automate response to incidents with deep threat context to support confident analysis and action. ReversingLabs eliminates manual research and reverse engineering steps, while surfacing local intelligence in real-time - integrated seamlessly with incident response or SOAR system - arming you with information you can trust in order to respond fast.

Enrich EDR, Sandbox and Threat Intelligence Alerts

Enrich EDR, Sandbox and Threat Intelligence Alerts

Challenge: Incident responders are challenged with a backlog of alerts including anti-virus alerts, which are signature-based and often lacking historical reference; EDR alerts, which are behavior-based with no file level information; and sandbox alerts, which are limited in file format support (and often lack MacOS and Linux support) and suffer from file queues due to lack of capacity and size restrictions.

Solution: ReversingLabs avoids these problems, supporting the largest selection file formats on the planet, and enriching anti-virus, EDR, email, gateway, backup, cloud, software supply chain, sandbox and threat intelligence platform alerts through static analysis, natural language analysis, malware family identification, threat severity rating, and indicators of compromise. This gives incident responders the information they need at their fingertips to investigate an incident properly.

TIP Sandbox EDR
Automate Research & SOAR Playbooks

Automate Research & SOAR Playbooks

Challenge: Incident responders can take hours if not days to investigate incidents if lacking detail, which also delays the orchestration of responses and threat rules to security controls.

Solution: ReversingLabs automates the process, removing the manual steps required to reverse engineer malware infected files, while seamlessly integrating within SOAR playbooks.

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Ticket Support & Post Close Event Monitoring

Ticket Support & Post Close Event Monitoring

Challenge: Threat data is often disaggregated in various locations, requiring more time for SOC analysts to respond to events. And once the ticket is closed, the threat is often forgotten and not monitored for reoccurrence.

Solution: ReversingLabs monitors closed tickets for new malicious activity, while also serving up a ‘plain language’ summary report tagged with specific incident response plans, and attached as artifacts for archival. This gives SOCs a simple-to-understand digest of specific files of interest that educate and guide analysts in their response, and can be filed with each case for audit and compliance requirements.

ReversingLabs Delivers Direct Threat Intelligence

The ReversingLabs Titanium Platform offers a flexible deployment architecture enabling high volume processing, accelerated object analysis, file reputation services and investigation through TitaniumCore, TitaniumCloud, TitaniumScale and the A1000

ReversingLabs Products Scheme

Customers rely on us to help them detect threats, understand their adversaries, and then respond accordingly. ReversingLabs authoritative global reputation database provides the insights needed to close this loop.

Threat Intelligence Platform Partner

Deep software and file analysis to speed release and response

ReversingLabs Software Supply Chain Security

Spectra Assure

Software Supply Chain Security

Spectra Assure analysis for end-to-end software development workflows, containers and release packages

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Threat Intelligence

The world’s most popular and authoritative database of goodware and malware threat intelligence

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ReversingLabs Elastic Threat Infrastructure


Elastic Threat Infrastructure

Assess millions of files from web traffic, email, file transfers, endpoints or storage

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Threat Analysis & Hunting

An instant malware lab with static and dynamic analysis for all of your company's
files and binaries

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SIEM & Alert Partners

Splunk Phantom

ReversingLabs and Splunk Phantom automate SOC workflows by providing rich file intelligence and key threat indicators to more quickly triage and resolve incidents.

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ReversingLabs and IBM Resilient Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) Platform provide a joint platform offering easier identification of advanced threats and more effective response to triage, contain, and resolve those threats.

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ReversingLabs and Anomali integrate for automated enforcement using exposed threat indicators and to provide rich data for threat hunting and incident response - visible right in ThreatStream.

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