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Chip Epps

Chip Epps
Director of Product & Solution Marketing at ReversingLabs. Chip joined ReversingLabs in 2019 with a 15+ year security career in both Product Management and Product Marketing- and is CISSP certified. He's focused primarily on emerging product categories and associated go to market strategies spanning domains such as Endpoint, Datacenter, Network, Gateway, Cloud, IAM, and SOAR. Prior to a career in security, Chip spent 10+ years in IT operations and service delivery across numerous market segments including Healthcare, Finance, and Government being ITIL certified. Chip received his BME (Mechanical Engineering) from Georgia Tech, was certified Chief Engineer by Naval Reactors (submarine qualified), and obtained his MBA with a focus on new ventures from University of San Diego.

Recent Posts from Chip Epps

November 30, 2020

Platform Technology Updates: Better Malware Detection for Multiple Image Formats with TitaniumCore

We've revised several of the image validation, steganography detection, and image format support capabilities of the TitaniumCore platform.
July 10, 2020

Advancing YARA through Community - REVERSING 2020 Showed Us How

REVERSING 2020, the first global event where threat hunters go deep on YARA, was held virtually last week with a ‘live’ audience of 985! The event covered everything YARA with a jam-packed including 10 thought leaders, industry experts and practitioners ranging from large cybersecurity companies to global financial services to smaller nonprofits.
May 12, 2020

Modern Architectures Require New Security Strategies for Digital Assets

Monitoring your Security DMZ and Securing your File Uploads
December 5, 2019

ReversingLabs Releases Update to its Malware Analysis and Hunting Solution: A1000

ReversingLabs has released its Titanium Platform’s latest Malware Analysis & Hunting Solution, A1000 v5.10.