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Mislav Sever

Mislav Sever
Senior Integration Engineer at ReversingLabs. Mislav joined ReversingLabs in 2018. to be one half of a then small Integrations Team. Now he plans and develops SIEM/SOAR platform plugins, reputation apps, microservices and all kinds of software integrations and custom solutions in ReversingLabs’ cyber security domain. Upon graduating from college, he earned a master’s degree in information sciences with a focus on information technology and software development. Prior to joining ReversingLabs, Mislav worked in a similar role where he took care of integrating enterprise grade solutions into the environments of numerous international companies and organizations.

Recent Posts from Mislav Sever

August 10, 2022

How to Hunt for Ransomware with Combined PAN XSOAR Integrations

Here's how to automate your file analysis routines and protect your valuable data from cyber criminals.
July 2, 2021

ReversingLabs SDK for Python

ReversingLabs officially released its extensive Python SDK created for automating and simplifying the lives of developers and security software integrators