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Richi Jennings

Richi Jennings
Independent industry analyst, editor, and content strategist. Richi Jennings is a former developer and marketer. He’s also written or edited for Computerworld, Microsoft, Cisco, Micro Focus, HashiCorp, Ferris Research, Osterman Research,, Orthogonal Thinking, Native Trust, Elgan Media, Petri, Cyren, Agari, Webroot, HP, HPE, NetApp on Forbes and Bizarrely, his ridiculous work has even won awards from the American Society of Business Publication Editors, ABM/Jesse H. Neal, and B2B Magazine.

Recent Posts from Richi Jennings

May 31, 2023

‘Extinction risk’: Could code-writing AI wipe out humans via software backdoors?

Experts warn ChatGPT-based coding could do to us what an asteroid did to the dinosaurs. Hype — or heads-up to reckon with?
May 23, 2023

PyPI paused as automated attack overwhelms admins

Python Package Index was flooded with malicious typo-squatting packages. Weekend warriors quit defense and hit the pause button.
May 17, 2023

Lessons from MSI's UEFI key breach: How safe are the secrets in your software?

Stolen keys allow bootkits to avoid Intel’s “Guard” features. And there’s no way to revoke them.
May 9, 2023

Red teamers take on AI at DEF CON 31

It takes a village... In Las Vegas, researchers play capture the flag to find vulnerabilities in tools like ChatGPT — with a White House assist.
May 3, 2023

SolarWinds hack: Did DOJ know 6 months earlier?

The Department of Justice is reported to have stayed on the down-low on SolarWinds. Poster child for software supply chain security? The plot thickens...
April 26, 2023

#RSAC is big again — and AI + security is huge: #StrongerTogether?

RSA Conference is back big in 2023, with large language models buzzing: Al to fight AI, and generative AI and supply chain security.
April 18, 2023

EU cyber laws ‘will’ make FOSS devs liable

The goal might be laudable, but aspects of the EU law need a major rethink. In this week’s Secure Software Blogwatch, we fear unintended consequences.
April 11, 2023

Has public USB ‘juice jacking’ made it into the wild?

Déjà vu, but carry protection, dev teams traveling with credentials: Theorized as early as 2011, could public-USB attacks have finally gone rogue?
April 5, 2023

With Twitter code in the wild, DevSecOps doubts surface

In this week’s Secure Software Blogwatch, we ponder the unintended consequences of “transparency.”
March 29, 2023

Do you trust AI to find app sec holes while you sleep?

Purr-fect? Or cat-astrophe? Microsoft wants you to cat nap as its Security Copilot combats software security threats.
March 15, 2023

GitHub enforces 2FA — it’s about time (given the state of supply chain security)

GitHub is a weak link in the software supply chain. Finally, Microsoft is doing something about it — by forcing users into two-factor authentication (2FA).
March 7, 2023

White House cyber strategy: A love/hate story

The new National Cybersecurity Strategy will punish big software developers for failing to follow best practices. And, for the first time, make them liable.


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