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Handling the Threat - Securing Open Source Software

On-Demand Deminar

Handling the Threat - Securing Open Source Software

It’s impossible for software developers to avoid the use of open source code when creating products. However, the threat posed to open source software is greater than ever before, with attacker’s efforts to compromise these components increasing by almost 300%. Software releases, development processes, and production environments have never been at higher risk of malicious operations such as malware and open source tampering.

In this deminar, ReversingLabs Product Marketing Manager Jasmine Noel and Global Director of Solution Architects Robert Boudreaux discussed the risk to open source code at greater length, and demonstrated the best solutions your team can use to secure your software.

By watching this deminar on-demand, you’ll learn:
The risks associated with the use of open source software.
Why development teams must look beyond vulnerabilities and CVEs to secure their software.
How to utilize ReversingLabs’ secure.software platform to ensure the highest quality of software assurance.

Watch the Deminar