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Assess & Manage Commercial Software Risk

Know When Your Software Is Malware - Identify Risks and Threats in Your Commercial Software


How do you know the commercial software you bring into your organization is safe?

That is a fundamental question businesses must be able to answer.

SolarWinds, 3CX, MOVEit, and GitHub are among the companies that have faced attacks through commercial software. Industry analysts are seeing a 300% to 1000% increase in attacks targeting the commercial software businesses use everyday. Which is why commercial software represents the largest under-addressed attack surface. 

Legacy solutions like vendor questionnaires, software bill of materials (SBOMs), and even pentesting are not cost effective and scalable solutions for CISO and risk managers. Especially in light of the growing global guidelines and regulations requiring organizations to ensure they have taken the necessary precautions with the software they use to run their businesses.

In the white paper we cover:

  • New regulations targeting software supply chains
  • Why questionnaires, SBOMs, and pentesting won’t solve this issue
  • How to identify malware and tampering in software before you deploy it across your organization
  • How to ensure ongoing tracking and monitoring of the commercial software used across your organization



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