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Ionic Security and ReversingLabs Partner to Simplify Threat Detection

Groundbreaking Integration Enables Security and Compliance At Scale

ReversingLabs and Ionic - Simplify Threat Detection

Ionic Security, a pioneer in data trust, and ReversingLabs, a global leader in discovering and responding to unknown malware, today announced a partnership to help resource-constrained organizations accelerate threat detection and incident response while complying with data protection mandates like the New York Department of Financial Services regulation (NYDFS), and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

For the first time, security operations teams responsible for hunting and responding to malware hidden in large volumes of files can now securely manage and store scan results within a big data lake. For TitaniumScale customers, this integration automatically generates Ionic encryption keys on every file. This allows threat hunters to securely and safely pull file analysis results from the data lake for further investigation to identify malware that has made it past security defenses.

Cybercriminals target large and highly-regulated organizations like insurance and financial services companies whose security teams must search out these advanced malware threats across millions of files in hundreds of locations. The sheer volume and velocity of files leads to hunt complexity and slows down response times. ReversingLabs TitaniumScale automates the process of high-volume file analysis, malware detection, and threat prioritization, feeding the results into a centralized big data lake or event management system. Threat hunters and forensic investigators can focus their searches on high priority threats and quickly surface hidden malware when dealing with very large datasets.

Both security and compliance managers understand that centralizing a large collection of files and metadata about those files creates risk, and Ionic provides professionals with powerful risk mitigation capabilities. Ionic Data Trust Platform encrypts all files with individual protection keys, eliminating the risks of improper data access, loss or tampering. The platform's unique key management system eliminates the nearly impossible task of managing encryption keys in such large-scale infrastructures. Granular policy controls ensure that only approved individuals can access files and analysis data to move them out of the data lake. By tracking all interactions, Ionic generates audit-ready analytics to assist investigators and prove secure use of internal or cloud-based data in compliance with data protection mandates like NYDFS and GDPR.

"The integration between ReversingLabs and Ionic creates a secure and compliant local threat intelligence infrastructure that is game-changing when it comes to hunting for undetected malware hidden inside an organization's networks," explained Mario Vuksan, founder and CEO at ReversingLabs. "Automating and securing an indexed, historically-searchable data store that captures all the unknown and high-risk files across an organization is simply unprecedented in today's security tools. Together, Ionic and ReversingLabs enable the creation of this powerful infrastructure in which threat hunters can securely and efficiently search out hidden malware-based attacks to reduce dwell times from months down to hours."

"With both threats and regulations evolving rapidly in today's increasingly complex environments, security teams are hard-pressed to keep up with advanced attacks," responded Eric Hinkle, CEO at Ionic Security. "The need for an elegant end-to-end solution for professionals who operate under extreme time pressure has never been more important. Ionic Data Trust Platform—with machine-scale key management, policy orchestration, and unparalleled visibility into data wherever it travels—is well-matched by ReversingLabs TitaniumScale, the only solution to analyze files at scale from any source. This integration means security teams can protect high-risk data, safely handle malware, and generate compliance reports, all while simplifying and automating their business workflows."

Contact Ionic or ReversingLabs to schedule a demo and learn more about this groundbreaking integration.

About Ionic Security
Based in Atlanta, Ionic Security accelerates and simplifies trust in a machine-scale world, helping clients systematically reduce the likelihood and impact of a data breach while simplifying information governance and the management of today's digital enterprise. Ionic Data Trust Platform consistently protects and controls data from creation through consumption everywhere it travels and anywhere it resides, preventing inappropriate data handling with real-time policy, and enabling customer-managed trust— across clouds, environments, and data silos. Learn more at https://www.ionic.com, or connect on LinkedIn or Twitter.

About ReversingLabs
ReversingLabs helps organizations to find and neutralize the enemy within. Our solutions provide enterprise-scale file analysis, authoritative file intelligence services, and advanced malware analysis and hunting – all purpose-built for identifying previously undetected malware inside customers' networks. Key features include unique file decomposition and static analysis, comprehensive file reputation data, and integrated local and in-the-wild threat intelligence. ReversingLabs solutions deliver the capabilities, speed, and scalability that large enterprises and government agencies need to uncover and contain sophisticated malware threats that have slipped past their other security measures. Learn more at https://www.reversinglabs.com, or connect on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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