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Software Supply Chain
and the SOC: End-to-End
Security is Key

Software Development and SecOps teams must collaborate to take on emerging threats

Software Supply Chain and the SOC: End to End Security is Key

Rather than relying solely on development groups to secure organizations from supply chain threats, developers and the Security Operations Center (SOC) need to shift left together and collaborate on comprehensive software security assurance. 

“While developers are responsible for ensuring clean code, it takes a cross-functional team with a specific focus on security to reduce the attack surface against supply chain attacks.”
—Mat Mathews, ReversingLabs

Key findings of the Software Supply Chain and the SOC report include:

Traditional app sec testing and source code analysis don’t provide deep enough visibility to detect tampering and behavioral changes.
Software supply chain protection isn't just about detecting vulnerabilities. It requires understanding the entire threat landscape.
Why SBOMs are essential.

With this free report, you will learn how a modern software security assurance strategy can bring the SOC into the loop of continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) software development and release cycles. In addition, the report outlines comprehensive software supply chain security best practices.

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