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SecureWorld Texas - Third Party Risk Panel

At any given moment, a company could take a snapshot of its risk and stay busy trying to seal up all of its own holes (or accept them for what they are) in security. But what about the businesses that support you? How do you know that Fred’s band has a secure API for its clients? Does ACME really need access to our HR files? Why do we keep getting old invoices from ABC Parts Company? Dive into third-party risk, networking security with a focus on data exfiltration, and how Zero Trust could eliminate this costly issue.

ReversingLabs Panelist:

Jasmine Noel, Senior Product Marketing Manager
Jasmine’s career began as an industry analyst covering IT technologies. She then founded Ptak, Noel & Associates to provide research and marketing services to Fortune500 and startup technology firms. Prior to ReversingLabs, Noel also held product marketing roles in growth companies, including Veracode, Corvil, and NS1.

Other Panelists:

Jonathan Ehret, VP, Strategy and Risk at RiskRecon
Russell Dowdell, Director of Sales Engineering at SecureLink Inc.
Dan Kaplan, Solutions Engineer at Okta
Tom Dixon, Security Engineer at Corelight