ReversingGlass: Key Concepts in App Sec and Software Supply Chain Security Explained

Glassboard conversations with ReversingLabs Field CISO Matt Rose

Matt Rose ReversingLabs
Field CISO at ReversingLabs. Matt Rose has an extensive background in application security, object-oriented programming, multi-tier architecture design and implementation, and internet/intranet development. His areas of expertise include Application Security, SAST, DAST, IAST, SCA, DevSecOps, and Threat Modeling. Matt is an accomplished public speaker and has been quoted in 50+ AST industry media publications.

Get Smart With Your Software Supply Chain Security


In this episode, Matt specifies what “good” software supply chain security (SSCS) looks like. By pointing out all of the pieces to the complex puzzle that is SSCS, Matt showcases that you need an SSCS solution that is comprehensive enough to cover all of these parts, but is smart enough to best serve busy development and SOC teams. 

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The DNA of software supply chain security


In this episode of ReversingGlass, Matt visually explains the components and processes of a software supply chain, from the development process all the way to the continuous delivery of a software package. He then points out the various opportunities attackers can take to compromise a supply chain.

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Typosquatting and software supply chain security


In this lesson, Matt dives into typosquatting, an attack in which malicious actors will copy and slightly misspell the names of legitimate software packages. As a result of the speed of DevOps and human error, these typosquatted packages get downloaded, causing software supply chain attacks. 

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