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Educational Series

Software Package Deconstruction Analyzing Risks To Your Software Supply Chain

Software Package Deconstruction

About the Series

In each episode of our application security series we will deconstruct, analyze, and expose hidden risks inside some of the largest most complex software packages. App Sec and Dev Teams will see our Software Supply Chain Security platform in action and how it provides teams with new found confidence and the ability to make Go/No Go software release decisions based on the most comprehensive view of software risk in the industry.

Deconstructing Tabby & Notepad++

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Third party risk management (TPRM) using behaviors and network traffic capabilities to assess common open source tools. These packages represent an overlooked link in the software supply chain, but one that can be addressed with minimal effort provided the necessary visibility.
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Analyzing the 3CX Software Package

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In this first episode the 3CX software package and recent supply chain attack is analyzed using the ReversingLabs Software Supply Chain Security Platform. Tim deconstructs the 3CX software package, highlights critical red flags, and shows how you can apply these processes to your own secure build process.
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