Fuel Threat Intelligence Platforms

ReversingLabs APIs and Feeds integrate with threat intelligence platforms (TIPs), connecting actionable malware indicators with existing workflows to automate containment in TIP managed security controls like EDR, IPS, and Firewalls and detect hidden malware stored across global, distributed networks. 

TurboCharge TIPs

Enhance TIP Effectiveness by Localizing External Threat Intelligence

Challenge: Third-party exposures are shared across business networks and there are very few methods for analyzing and identifying hidden malware within all incoming data in real-time. Businesses store hashes of suspicious files from emails, web downloads or applications to threat hunt later, but they have no visibility into all hidden destructive objects to detect lurking threats.

Solution: ReversingLabs provides threat hunters powerful pivoting tools, using exposed malware indicators, to view filtered IOC relationships in existing TIP UIs for investigations and to instantly understand relationships across distributed networks.


Enable TIPs to Automate Remediation and Accelerate Incident Resolution

Challenge: SOC analysts cannot quickly identify malware hidden in incoming attachments or links using existing threat intelligence feeds. Alerts show little contextual information for fast decision-making.

Solution: ReversingLabs updates TIPs with the latest global threat intelligence so managed security controls like EDR, IPS, Firewalls, and other enforcement controls can automatically detect and contain incoming malware, preventing infection. Detection rules in SIEM, analytics databases and orchestration tools are also updated with rich malware indicators, significantly improving automated responses in workflows and SOC Analyst effectiveness and accuracy. 

Reference Architecture

The Titanium Hybrid-Cloud Platform offers a flexible deployment architecture enabling high volume processing, accelerated object analysis, file reputation services and investigation through TitaniumCore, TitaniumCloud, TitaniumScale and the A1000

Reference Architecture - ReversingLabs Solutions

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