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The Monsters in Your Software Supply Chain

Protect your software supply chain from malware, tampering, vulnerabilities, exposed secrets, and more.

Don't wait for those monsters to strike in your software.

Secure your software supply chain with the fastest, most comprehensive static binary analysis from ReversingLabs. 

Read our white paper today to learn:

  • The Limitations of Classic Security Tools: Traditional security tools are inadequate for navigating the complexities of today's threat landscape, offering only partial analyses and often overlooking new risks. They do not address all your proprietary, commercial, and open source/third-party code. 

  • Learn from the SolarWinds, Codedev, and 3CX Attacks: Classic SDLC processes were not effective enough to address the modern software attacks, creating significant brand, regulatory, financial, and customer issues. Learn how to identify the red flags before you ship.

  • Expanded Insights Beyond SBOMs: Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) are not enough. We’ll show you how to navigate the complexities of software attacks with deeper actionable insights.

  • The ReversingLabs Advantage: ReversingLabs stands at the forefront of securing the software supply chain. Our proprietary static binary analysis engine and extensive threat intelligence repository offer unparalleled visibility into proprietary, commercial, and open source/third-party code - without needing the source code.

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