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Trust Secured: Conquer Software-Based Threats in the CI/CD Pipeline

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Nearly 90% of technology professionals detected significant software supply chain risks in a recent ReversingLabs survey.

The current application security solution mix is inadequate in providing the necessary visibility and protection from evolving threats of malware, software tampering, release of secrets, and certificate misconfigurations in open-source software, proprietary software, containers, and release packages.

As compliance requirements catch up with the impact of the modern software attack, enterprises must integrate their security and developer workflows to prevent the catastrophic reputation and financial impacts of malicious code embedded in a release distributed to application users.

Watch as ReversingLabs and DigiCert experts reveal how to:

Identify key points of failure of SAST, DAST, IAST, and Virus Scanners to confront software supply chain threats

Use actionable SBOMs at every stage of the software development process to prevent bugs, malware, and vulnerabilities

Learn the lessons of large companies impacted by software supply chain attacks have overcome deficiencies to build a stronger, more secure CI/CD pipeline

Synchronize binary analysis, threat detection, SBOM generation, and secure code signing ­­­­

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