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Defend Your Software Supply Chain: Strategies & Threat Insights

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Did you know that software supply chain attacks increased over 1000% in 2022?1

Software represents the largest under-addressed attack surface facing businesses. With endpoints and network security improvements, threat actors have focused on software supply chains as the next vector of attack against enterprises. 

This emerging threat category includes attacks against open source and third-party libraries, proprietary code, infrastructure compromise, and the leak of sensitive secrets like signing certificates. 

Software Supply Chain attacks are commonly misunderstood and undetectable until after a breach has already occurred.

Join this webinar as our team of experts dive into some of the recent software supply chain attacks and discuss:

  • Modern software supply attack chain tactics, techniques, and procedures 
  • Recent major software supply chain threats identified by the ReversingLabs Threat Research team
  • The attack mitigation strategies to secure against software supply chain attacks

1 Comparitech, Worldwide Software Supply Chain Attacks Tracker, October 2023

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