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The Lessons of Layer 8: Dr. Jessica Barker on The Human Elements Driving Cyber Attacks

WEBINAR | On Demand

"Leverage the human side of cyber to strengthen your security." Dr. Jessica Barker

Coverage of sophisticated cyber attacks like those targeting 3CX or the Colonial Pipeline often focus on the technical elements of those events - what malicious code was used and what kinds of systems were targeted. 

But behind almost every headline-grabbing breach is a human being who falls victim to a ruse: like a targeted phishing email or a malicious open source module dressed up to mimic a legitimate package.

Understanding the role that the “human element” (aka “Layer 8”) plays in cyber attacks is the specialty of Dr. Jessica Barker, a noted cybersecurity expert and host of a YouTube channel that specializes in dissecting cyber fraud.

In this webinar, Dr. Barker and host Paul Roberts go deep into the human element driving cyber attacks including the growing role played by technologies such as artificial intelligence.

Paul and Dr. Barker also talk about her new book: Hacked: The Secrets Behind Cyber Attacks. 

Highlights and Key Takeaways:

  • What we mean by the “human factor”
  • Consumer vs. enterprise - how strategies differ
  • How “layer 8” figures into sophisticated attacks
  • Monitoring for layer 8 threats: a blind spot for organizations? 
  • The “human factor” in supply chain attacks (Solar Winds, 3CX, XZ, etc.)

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