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E-Discovery Under Threat: Strengthening Malware Defenses in Legal Firms

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Law firms and legal teams have become increasingly appealing and lucrative targets for threat actors due to the treasure trove of sensitive and confidential data they possess. 

The routine sharing and storage of large collections of highly sensitive information through the e-Discovery process has created an easy entry point for advanced malware. Despite the heightened risks, law firms are relying on insufficient security and threat detection standards.

Traditional file analysis solutions, including endpoint security and sandboxes, are ill-equipped to handle the growing volume and complexity of files that need to be analyzed on a daily basis. As a result, malware threats are slipping through the cracks and opening the door for costly data breaches.

We invite security professionals from legal firms to watch and learn how RL can rapidly identify complex threats hidden inside sensitive data and help secure the trust and security of e-Discovery workflows.

Key discussion points: 

 The cybersecurity challenges faced by law firms and legal teams

 The impact and ripple effects of a data breach

 Insufficiencies of traditional file analysis solutions

 How ReversingLabs complex binary analysis can uncover malicious files other solutions miss

 Real-time demonstration of a ReversingLabs analysis in action

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