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Eliminating Threats Lurking in Open Source Software

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Recently, threat actors have been injecting malicious code into open source and software products which enterprises download and integrate into their systems, exposing them to malware.

These types of attacks are increasingly common, with software supply chain attacks rising by 742%. This increase is due to a greater dependence on open source packages with up to 90% of code in applications being open source, as well as outdated tooling and security practices, leaving enterprises vulnerable to new attack vectors.

In this webinar we will take a deep dive into how police departments and security teams assess emerging threats, where they traditionally fall short when developing investigation strategies, why and how open source components pose the greatest risk for organizations, and how to safely use foreign code with ReversingLabs Software Supply Chain Security platform.

Key Learnings:

✓  Latest trends in software supply chain attacks 

✓  How and why supply chain attacks occur

✓  Why open source packages are an easy target for supply chain attacks 

How to find threats and secure open source components in your software using NIST-based ReversingLabs Software Supply Chain Security platform

About the Presenters:

Tim Stahl, Director of Field Threat Engineering, ReversingLabs | Linkedin

Marshall Payne, Product Marketing Manager, ReversingLabs | LinkedIn

Watch ON Demand

Watch On Demand