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Assess Third-Party Software Risk Without the Need for Source Code

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EPISODE 2: Featuring Commercial Software Risk Management
Assessing third-party software risk is a leap of faith. External testing methods like security questionnaires, pentesting, and securing rating services fail to provide the transparency that enterprises need, while deeper analysis with SAST and SCA requires access to the vendor’s source code.

Simply put, the tools available to third-party cyber risk professionals do not adequately measure their breach exposure through third-party software. 

In order to effectively scale with their growing third-party software attack surface, cyber risk professionals need to unshackle themselves from traditional assessment methods and analyze commercial software on their own terms. 

In this episode of the Spectra Assure Product Spotlight Series,  we go into detail on how Spectra Assure overcomes the limitations of traditional vendor risk assessments by deconstructing commercial applications at the binary level, exposing software supply chain threats like malware, tampering, exposed secrets and more - all without requiring source code.

Key discussion points:

  • Discuss how Spectra Assure delivers insights into threat categories beyond the SBOM like malware, tampering, exposed secrets, and others 
  • How Spectra Assure delivers transparency into the acquisition, deployment, maintenance, and monitoring of third-party software packages

    • How to enable direct and secure collaboration with vendors with Shareable Report

Learn more about our Spectra Assure Solution for Software Supply Chain Security.


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