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Know When Your Software is Malware: The New Era of Software Security

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Software represents the largest under-addressed attack surface facing enterprises. From malware, tampering, exposed secrets, and more, the risks hiding among proprietary, commercial, and third-party code are leaving software producers and enterprise consumers at increasing risk.  In addition, established AppSec and third-party risk management tools are just not designed to address this growing hole in the software supply chain. 

Enter Spectra Assure for the new era of software supply chain security.

Spectra Assure is the industry’s first AI-driven complex binary analysis, delivering the final release exam of the complete software package - without the need for source code. 

Watch as we reveal Spectra Assure, the new standard in software supply chain security, delivering unmatched capability to software producers and enterprise software consumers. 

We discuss and demonstrate the following key concepts:

How to address proprietary, commercial, and open-source risks
✓ Where traditional AST tools fall short
Why Complex Binary Analysis changes the game
A comprehensive, actionable SBOM 

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