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Software Supply Chain Security

On Demand

Hunting Hidden Threats Before They Strike

Hosted and co-presented with the SANS Institute

Software supply chains are an exploding target for cyberattacks. Software is the largest under-addressed attack surface, yet plays a significant role in value creation for enterprises and large organizations. 90% of companies have had a security issue with their supply chain, according to a ReversingLabs May 2023 survey.

The level of sophistication and capabilities for damage seen during the attacks on 3CX,  SolarWinds, and others has evolved to a point where organizations should examine their ability to detect these active threats.

This session will cover these types of software supply chain attacks, as well as address how roles, decisions, and actions play into the everyday scenario of a vendor delivering software to an enterprise consumer, providing a playbook for improving and expanding existing detective capabilities.

  • Key webinar discussion points: 
  • Software supply chain security: Why does it matter?
  • How recent software supply attacks changed the enterprise attack surface?
  • How do organizations plan for and shore up their security perimeter?
  • What's coming for the future of software-born attacks and the enterprise?
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